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Hôtel Solvay

Hôtel Solvay - Artfood Traiteur
Avenue Louise 224 | 1050 Bruxelles |


Recognized worldwide as the masterpiece of Victor Horta, Hotel Solvay is a mansion house located at 224 Avenue Louise. This totally preserved place was built in 1894 and today offers us this magical atmosphere of yesteryear. Full of character, it will delight your guests and allow you to make a connection with your company by marking the spirits. Audacity, durability, architecture and science, all its values are represented. Ideal mode: Home, site visit, presentations, dinner or cocktail.


New partner roomThe place is primarily a museum from where the importance of planning a site visit for +/- 30 min. Reception areas are located on the ground floor or on the 3rd floor A garden is also available.


Seated dinner: 65 people
Walking cocktail : 80 people
Conference : 65 people