Our commitments

Our mission is to ensure your total satisfaction.

We are motivated by a desire to turn your wishes into reality. Buoyed by your wildest desires we push out our own boundaries and delve deep into our imagination conjuring up fabulous innovative ideas.

This quest for innovative ideas and an unflagging desire to evolve results in a refusal to accept compromise. We set ourselves a specific goal: to achieve the perfect combination of flavours and ambiances.

Our company is based on strong human values. They have been chosen with your requirements in mind. The end-result is that we have adopted a sustainable and responsible approach in which we choose quality over quantity.

Every day we put our hearts and souls into guaranteeing the success of the events entrusted to us.

Our commitment to organic food

Ever-aware of the environmental impact associated with consumerism, we offer our customers a sustainable alternative; our entire menu is made with more than 20% of products from Organic farming and we always buy locally when possible.

Should you so wish, we can arrange to provide 100% organic catering for your events.

Certisys http://www.certisys.eu certificate N°1401826

Choosing organic means:

  • Your guarantee of healthy, seasonal, delicious food that contains no residues of pesticide.
  • Supporting sustainable agriculture by safeguarding our environment
  • Promoting our local economy
  • Reducing our carbon footprint linked to transport
  • Adapting quantities to needs

Our policy on seafood is to give precedence to local wild fish that is caught according to sustainable fishing methods; products that bear the Friend of the Sea, MSC or Label Rouge labels and that comply with the code of conduct of the FAO that guarantees sustainable stocks, minimal impact on the environment, as well as fair trade fishing and premium quality fish caught in good conditions.

Our WeForest commitment

Trees to save the climate.

In order to compensate for our carbon footprint, we support the natural regeneration of the subtropical forest of Meghalaya in India as well as supporting the actions of the WeForest NGO. This international not-for-profit organisation participates in the sustainable reforestation of our planet whilst guaranteeing the autonomy and food and financial resources of local populations.

For more information about WeForest:

Trees already planted

Our commitment to ‘Ecodynamique’

We have been awarded the ‘Ecodynamic Entreprise’ label that is the official recognition for companies that adopt an environmentally healthy and sustainable management policy.

It rewards our environmental dynamism and our progress in the field of:

  • ‘Green’ purchasing policy throughout all our divisions
  • Energy rationalisation
  • Mobility policy for our events, deliveries, employees, etc.
  • Policy on waste and sewage

The ‘Ecodynamic Enterprise’ label is a springboard for international and European certificates such as ISO 14001 and EMAS.

Our commitment to Food Safety

We have obtained the ‘Smiley’, the label awarded by the AFSCA (Federal Agency for Food Safety) in order to guarantee optimal food safety via the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point). This label provides a guarantee for our clients that all the legal obligations in terms of food safety and hygiene have been strictly observed. It also provides a guarantee of quality throughout the whole food chain

  • The selection of our suppliers; HACCP system, commitment to products, etc.
  • The traceability of our products in order to avoid GMO products, palm oil, etc.
  • Checks on our workshops to fulfil quality requirements
  • Total integrity throughout the hot and cold food chain
  • Control of allergens

Good food

Our commitment to sustainable food

The Good Food label has a purpose to support and offer guidance to restaurants/caterers who adopt a sustainable approach. The criteria for obtaining this label are based on the following: consumption of local and seasonal products, animal protein alternatives, ecologically produced foods and reducing food wastage to a minimum.