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Tour & Taxi

Tour & Taxi - Artfood Traiteur
Avenue du port 86c b316 | 1000 Bruxelles |


Open the door and you will discover a space of more than 17,410 m², initially used for transit goods at the beginning of the 19th century, and which has become the reference location for events in the capital. With ease of access thanks to its exceptional location in Brussels, and with a car park containing thousands of parking spaces, Tour & Taxis offers every advantage and is guarded 24 hours. If architect Van Humbeek, the designer of this former merchandise hangar, had set out to design an area for events to be held in, he couldn’t have done it better. Large rooms divisible into numerous configurations, unloading platforms, a sawtooth roof with a glazed roof to save energy… all this is just a small part of what the Sheds have to offer. The Antiques Fair, the Book Fair, the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, and even the European Business Summit, these are just a few of the prestigious events which are organised each year on this exceptional site.




sitting dinner: 500 pax
Walking cocktail: 600 pax
Conférence : 250 pax