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GNF Gallery

GNF Gallery - Artfood Traiteur
32 rue Saint-Georges | 1050 Bruxelles |


GNF Gallery is located in a splendid maison de maître, close to the prestigious Avenue Louise. Built in 1892, the townhouse has three floors, each one featuring three large adjacent rooms with high, elegant ceilings, original wooden floors and plenty of natural light. With more than 300 square meters and a highly modular space, the GNF Gallery can accommodate all kinds of group events, such as: Conferences, Team-building workshops, Executive meetings, Cocktails and walking dinners, Auctions


Espace modulable de 10 à 150 personnes, dans un cadre prestigieux, comprenant un jardin arboré. Parking à proximité.


Dîner assis : 40 personnes
Walking cocktail : 150 personnes
Conférence : 60 personnes