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Mima - Artfood Traiteur
Quai du Hainaut 41 | 1080 Bruxelles |


The MIMA is a contemporary art museum, unique in Europe, which introduces the public to the history of culture 2.0., that which develops at the turn of the millennium to the planetary scale. The creation presented there freely associates musical cultures (punkrock, electro, hip hop, folk), graphics (graphics, illustration, design), sports (skateboarding, surfing, extreme sport), artistic (cinema, plastic art, performance, comics, tattoo, fashion design) and urban (graffiti, street art). MIMA writes a collective story a culture that brings together eclectic works with accessible language and direct.


The museum occupies an emblematic place in the center of Brussels: the old breweries Belle-Vue, on the Canal, in Molenbeek. It houses 2 temporary exhibitions a year and a permanent collection. The museum has 2 roof top terraces with a magnificent view of the canal and the northern district of Brussels


Seated dinner: 80/100 people
Walking cocktail: 250 people
Conference: 120/140 people